Unoccupied house insurance's main guarantees

It is very important (I speak from personal experience) to enter into an unoccupied house insurance contract for a possible country home, which remains unoccupied for most of the year. Clearly, this type of insurance is much less expensive than those which are signed for the house in which we live.

The main guarantees of unoccupied house insurances are:

Fire and other damage (involving, for example, all the damage to housing, goods and furnishings in it caused by fire, explosion or explosions, falling aircraft, vehicle impact, smoke, gases or vapors, fall elevators, gross negligence, damage caused by the authorities, removal, demolition and clearance, with the possibility of extending coverage to reimbursement of research and repair of faults and the damage caused by electrical or atmospheric phenomena, vandalism or malicious acts, escape of water and sewer overflow);

Crystals (due to accidental breakage, in fact own or third occasion of theft or attempted theft, civil disorder, crowd demonstrations, strikes, lockouts, fire, lightning, hail, hurricanes and trumpets);

• Theft and robbery (coverage of the contents of the dwelling and its dependencies, theft, robbery or theft suffered outside the home throughout the world; removal of clothing in public places and objects in the trunk of a car , reimbursement of medical expenses resulting from any theft, recovery in case of fraud in the home to make sure minors or at least 65 years of age);

• Public liability (cover the fees of third parties for damages relating to the ownership / management of the dwelling, resulting in maintenance ordinary / extraordinary, shedding water and liquid caused by an act of privacy, ownership, possession and use of animals saddle, boats, weapons, or use of domestic workers, interns and trainee activities carried out by a family member);

• Legal expenses (to cover legal fees arising from disputes related to ownership / management of the dwelling, damage caused by domestic workers; facts related to privacy outside the workplace);

Assistance (continuously active service, 24 hours 24, 365 days a year. Thanks to the Emergency Operations Centre Assistance Services, the company puts at your disposal many services including: the provision of names and addresses of specialized craftsmen (plumbers , electricians, blacksmiths, etc..), will send back to the home and contributing to the expenditure of their intervention, specialized personnel for the repair of household appliances and a subsidized exit, stay in hotel reservations in case of unavailability of the dwelling as the care of pets, send security personnel, organization and competition in the payment of a return trip earlier in the event of an accident while the house is temporarily unoccupied; advance of money, sending doctors, nurses and ambulance).

Last but not least , I suggest you make your unoccupied house insurance directly online . This will make you save money and time. I suggest you three of them : 1) Adrian Flux Home is one of the leading specialist home insurance brokers ( UK) 2) UK - Unoccupied property insurance from Towergate Insurance is suitable for properties which may be left vacant for 30 days or more 3) portwood & Co unoccupied house insurance

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