Mastercard Europay: a new anti-fraud solution

I have many credit cards and I have always chosen Mastercard because their customer care is unbeatable. There are also many rewards and incentives on use... for this reason I would like to inform you better on what exactly MasterCard is.


Mastercard financial services:

MasterCard born in 1966, when some banks decide to join the U.S. to provide its customers with innovative payment solutions and business.
The group MasterCard, to which it belongs in Italy even the Cirrus / Maestro, is present with its subsidiaries or its services in more than two hundred countries around the world. Payment services and MasterCard credit cards are a guarantee for the speed and security of all financial transactions and millions of users and operators around the world have in fact chosen MasterCard services. The issuance of MasterCard credit cards, they are dedicated to individuals or businesses, should be sent to the credit institution affiliated with the MasterCard payment circuit.

MasterCard solutions allow you to choose from a wide range of services and types of credit card, so that each customer cardholder circuit MasterCard payment can be made in any financial transaction autonomy provided by the use of a credit card.

MasterCard for individuals:

Among the various solutions that MasterCard offers private, you can choose within seven types of credit cards, including not only classic but also rechargeable credit cards to be used if necessary without the incumbency of the balance monthly. In detail, the group MasterCard provides its clients: Classic Card, Gold Card, Paper World, Platinum Card, Black Card, and finally the PayPass card Prepaid Card.

MasterCard for companies:

MasterCard was founded as a solution to enable business growth company, through the collaboration of banks to create a global payment circuit, fast and secure. For this reason, companies are targeted solutions for MasterCard, and are divided into two types, for small and medium-sized enterprises and large business groups and multinational companies. Compared to the first category is the ideal choice for a business card, while larger companies dedicate MasterCard Corporate Card.

The new  Master Card solution: Europay

Europay is a  system capable of detecting a real-time fraud perpetrated using payment cards.  The system allows you to send to your mobile or pc card holder a text message or e-mail that warns you of suspicious transaction that is taking place. "With this system, says François Adant, head of fraud prevention and detection systems Europay, cardholders are involved in the fight against fraud, as they are warned that their card would be used for a fraudulent transaction ¹.

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